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Programmability Initiative Audience

US & Canada Instructors Only

  1. New DevNet Associate Instructors ​
    a. New instructors to Cisco Networking Academy & DevNet​ Associate
    b. Current Networking Academy instructors new to DevNet​ Associate
  2. Supporting current DevNet Associate Instructors ​
  3. Supporting current Network Automation instructors in CCNA Enterprise Networking, Security and Automation (ENSA)

Programmability Initiative Overview Video

Programmability Initiative Executive Marketing & Mini Marketing Decks

These presentations can be shared with your administration, colleagues, and instructor social network.

When referring a colleague, don’t limit yourself to only your current department and school. There may be instructors at other organizations or departments such as software development, business or finance who could benefit from participating in this initiative.

Note: If you or a colleague have already taken DevNet Associate please do not fill out the Refer surveys. We will ensure that all resources are shared with the Cisco Networking Academy Global Instructor Community.

Programmability Initiative Executive Summary

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